PMS and how herbalist can help you deal with it

PMS and how herbalist can help you deal with it

8 out of 10 women will report having one or more premenstrual syndrome symptoms. Sometimes symptoms could be so severe that they can interfere with daily functioning.

Symptoms are classified in psychological and physical.

Psychological symptoms include:


-mood swings


-crying spells

-depression and general sense of dysphoria (opposite to euphoria), associated with a sense of loss of control and being unable to cope.

Physical symptoms include:



-breast tenderness and swelling


-acne outbreaks


-weight gain

-loss of libido

-sugar and food cravings


I think there are many more symptoms that varies from one person to another that I didn’t mention.

PMS symptoms could be debilitating as they can start as early as 2 weeks before period. It mostly affects 25-40 year olds. But could start as early as first period too. One of few theories are that PMS symptoms are linked to excess oestrogen in relation to progesterone. It could be that liver is not clearing out oestrogen efficiently. It also could be other factors like stress, lack of exercise, food intolerance, nutritional deficiency, excess alcohol consumption, smoking, depression, caffeine and constipation. Environmental toxins also play big role in it-plastics, PCBs and pesticides that mimics oestrogen and also oestrogen residues in tap water and meat.

Visiting herbalist could be greatly beneficial if you suffer from PMS.

Psychological symptoms could be managed by using nervine herbs like Motherwort, Skullcap, Chamomile, Wild oats.

Herbalist could help your liver to work more effectively and get rid of excess hormones more efficiently by using liver friendly herbs like Dandelion, Burdock, and Milk thistle.

Herbs such Cleavers, Fennel, Wild carrot are diuretic herbs that may help with breast tenderness and bloating.

Adaptogenic herbs are commonly included into herbal mixes too. Herbs like Ashwaganda, Liquorice, and Shatavari increase body’s resistance to all kind of stress (physical, emotional, environmental), modulates immune system and helps to restore hormonal balance.

Every case is individual so it is only a fraction of herbs that maybe included in personalised herbal formula.

Herbalist would advise you on supplements too. One of the main supplements used to relieve PMS is Evening Primrose Oil.

Dietary adjustments like cutting on stimulants like coffee, alcohol, chocolate, sugar, salt, processed food, diary and introducing more wholesome foods would also give good results. Exercise is very beneficial too.

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