Need help dealing with Anxiety?

Need help dealing with Anxiety?

Anxiety, worrying, overthinking can greatly affect our quality of life. It has negative effect on our body. It is impossible to separate emotional health from physical health.

Worry and anxiety negatively influences our overall health by making us tired, lethargic and unable to get quality rest and sleep. Constant muscle tension manifests as aches and pains, headaches and back aches.

It may speed up aging too. ‘Fight or flight’ stress hormones circulating in the body affects blood pressure, blood sugar levels, cholesterol. It is well known that anxiety and excessive worrying lowers immunity. Leaving us prone to bugs and viruses.

Digestion suffers greatly as blood is pumped to head, legs and arms to accommodate body to ‘fight or flight’. Prolonged periods of worry cause ulcers, food sensitivities, heart burn and many more digestive issues.

Overall all bodily systems are affected by anxiety and stress-reproductive, skin, everything… That’s why is very important to address anxiety and excessive worrying. It is unrealistic to think that everyone of us will be able to escape unpaid bills, personal and professional problems. But increasing ability to cope with stress in our life can make a massive difference.

What can be done?


Fresh air

Wholesome food

Restorative sleep

Meditation and prayer


Herbal remedies

In our clinic we specialise in reduction of nervous tensions using lifestyle and dietary changes, supplemental advice and individually mixed herbal remedies. There are many herbal remedies scientifically proven to be effective with helping body to cope with stress better.