Little trick for Insomnia

Little trick for Insomnia

*SLEEP DEPRIVATION* INSOMNIA* makes people tired, anxious, short-tempered. It is hard to focus and perform everyday tasks when sleep is poor. It is easy to catch flu and every virus when tired and sleep deprived. Even chronic disease and pain feel worse when we are not sleeping properly.

We all are individuals. Our sleep patterns are different too and sleep amount we need varies from person to person e.g. age, gender, wellness level, even our diet influences our need for sleep. We also tend to sleep more during the winter. It is only natural.

But when we toss and turn, go to bathroom numerous times, look at the time – few hour passed no wink of sleep… Or even… An hour till the alarm goes and still no sleep. We probably have to do something about it.

Sleep hygiene is very important. Little thing matters. Nowadays one of the biggest problems is constant need to be online. Our brain is massively stimulated by social media/video games. We need opposite thing when restful sleep is a problem. Switching off 1-2 hours before bed and placing mobile/laptop/tablet outside the bedroom may do the trick. Light reading is much better (not a newspaper though :) ).

There are more to better sleep-right nutrition, lifestyle, also herbal remedies. In our clinic, we help people with sleep problems by individually choosing herbal remedies, also nutritional and lifestyle advice.