Hemorrhoids, what is it and how to tackle it ?

Hemorrhoids, what is it and how to tackle it ?

Piles or hemorrhoids are very unpleasant and rarely talked about. 75% of people will have it at some stage of their life.

There are many causes and most common are:

Prolonged constipation or diarrhoea

Standing or sitting for long periods of time

Pregnancy or childbirth

Weakening of connective tissue in old age

Sluggish liver

Straining or spending long time on the toilet doesn’t help either

There are many things that can help temporary, but long term solution would be dietary changes as healthy bowel movement is important.

Increase water intake at least up to 6-8 glasses per day

Gradually introduce more vegetable and fruits into your diet

Reduce processed white flour and processed sugar products (white pasta, white bread, pastries, sweets, cakes)

Reduce alcohol, coffee, fizzy drinks and smoking. Smoking is a big factor as it puts strain on cardiovascular system and piles are enlarged veins.

Reduce cheese and red meat. Have more good fats like avocado, oily fish, nuts.

Eat light unprocessed easily to digest foods (soups, stews, lightly cooked vegetables)

Good fiber sources to keep bowels regular are Flaxseeds and Psyllium husks.

Soak tablespoon of Flaxseeds overnight and add it to smoothies or porridge or have it on its own.

Alternatively mix tablespoon of Psyllium husks in a glass of water, drink it and follow it with one more glass of water.

It is very important to keep hydrated when eating fiber rich foods. Not enough fluids can have opposite effect.

Bowel function could also be affected by medication too. Talk to your doctor, if you think that could be the cause.

During Naturopathic consultation we look for underlying cause of haemorrhoids. Patient gets dietary and lifestyle advice, also individual herbal remedies-herbal mix to take orally and herbal ointment or suppositories to soothe piles.

Ointments and suppositories are made by herbalist from handpicked herbs.

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